Uncomfortable Revolution

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We're a Disabled minority-woman owned lifestyle brand that celebrates diversity and inclusion. We make custom apparel, accessories, and corporate gifts that promote disability and chronic illness awareness. Read our story.

Carry it all. Almost

Totes and shoppers in every size.

Some things need to be said

Fighting ableism takes work. Say it with a t-shirt instead.

Accessorize your life.

There's only one you. Your stuff should be unique.

Write it down.

Anxious thoughts, sketches, your plans to take over the world. Put down the laptop; we hear journals are in.

Ready. Set. Play.

Stay hydrated and save the planet. Serve it up hot or cold.

Your home. Your space.

Brighten up your space at work or home.

Gift Cards.

Sharing is caring. Don't keep these goodies all to yourself.

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