Classic Break The Mold Tee


Break The Mold Shirt

Time to Break The Mold with our classic unisex t-shirt. This Break The Mold t-shirt has a fantastic fit, with a little extra length in the torso area.

The cotton has a super soft touch and is made by specially treating the cotton fibers before spinning them into yarn, which results in a stronger and smoother fabric. 

  • 100% semi-combed ring-spun cotton
  • Semi-fitted
  • Reinforcing tape on neck
  • Elastane rib collar
  • 150 gsm
  • Wash and dry the Break the Mold shirt inside out on low temperature (avoid high temperatures: air drying recommended)
  • Estimated delivery time 7 to 14 business days
  • Always iron the Break the Mold shirt inside out
 Classic Break The Mold Shirt
Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Width  18.1 20 22 24 26 28 30 32
Length 27.5 28.7 30 30.7 31.8 33 33.8 35


A Black model with vitiligo is sitting cross-legged on the floor wearing shorts and a white short-sleeve Break the Mold shirt. In the middle of the tee is a graphic of zebra in the silhouette of a barcode. The top half of the zebra are vertical black stripes, which then change just below the back into the colors of the rainbow. The bottom of each stripe has a paint drip mark. Just above the zebra's back is the phrase, in upper case, 'break the mold.'

*Bulk orders and logo placement available for the  Break The Mold tee. Contact us.