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'Hippie-cratic' Card


'Hippie-cratic' Card
'Hippie-cratic' Card 'Hippie-cratic' Card

We all know one of those. The friend who suggests yoga can cure your cancer. Look, we have nothing against yoga, but if that were true wouldn't everyone be cured by now?

 6.5" x 4.5" | White 16pt Silk Matte Stock



If you came here looking for empty wishes and rainbows, you came to the wrong place. Welcome to a different kind of card that actually gives backWe’ve done away with the meaningless platitudes, and we’ve created something that can make a difference instead.

Here’s how it works: Order one of our bangin’ empathy cards. When your friend receives their card, they’ll get a place to tell you what they need help with. Just think, instead of just slapping a stamp on some very minor Hallmark poet, you could make a difference in someone’s life with one of these empathy cards.



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