Neurodivergent Organic Tote Bag


Organic Neurodiversity Tote Bags 

NDAF = Neurodivergent As F**k!

Embrace your neurodivergence and make no apologies for it with our NDAF organic tote- the perfect way to carry your NDAF message everywhere.

    • Fabric: 100% combed organic twill weave cotton
    • Weight: 5.01 oz / 170 g
    • Plastic-free packaging
    • Shipped with care within 4 to 5 business days approximately.
    • Available in five colors


  Neurodiversity Tote Bags A B C
One Size 15.7 in  14.50 in  7.5 in


*Tote bulk orders and logo placement available for all our Neurodiversity Tote Bags. Contact us.

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