Spoonie Sisters Apron


Spoonie Sisters Apron

Spoonie (def) 'is a term coined by the chronic illness blogger Christine Miserandino, who used spoons to demonstrate how much energy a person with a chronic illness has each day, and how much is used up doing simple tasks like washing or getting dressed.'

Sisterhood (def) is the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns. [ALS News Today]

Our classic cotton twill Spoonie Sisters apron is an absolute must in any kitchen.

This kitchen Spoonie Sisters apron is incredibly durable because it is made with 100% heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton.

  • Heavyweight absorbent cotton twill
  • No pocket
  • Self-fabric ties
  • 100% Pre-shrunk cotton twill
  • 240gsm
  • One size Spoonie Sisters Apron - width 23.62" / 60cm - length 34.25" / 87cm
  • 29" / 74cm self-fabric ties

*Bulk orders are available for all of our Spoonie Sisters aprons. Contact us.